e are a non-denominational church established in 2010 for the purpose of experiencing God through relationship and not religion.  We’re not governed by our traditions or expectations.  We try very hard to be genuine and we are very interested in meeting you.

The Bible says that the individual believers who follow Jesus collectively make up the church.  The building we gather in is nothing more than that, although we are fond of our “log cabin” as many in the community refer to it. Together we are the church, and that means we rely on each other and need each other. We believe that God desires for you to be apart of that body as well.

Our purpose is to live out the Gospel of Jesus in such a way that transforms skeptics into believers, and believers into disciples, renewing the world around them through the power of God. This happens through six core values that we strive to uphold.

Worship is often thought of as singing songs before God, but the apostle Paul says that we present ourselves and our lives as an offering in spiritual worship. Worship is loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and we express that in how we live for Him, how we love like Him, and how we obey His desires in our lives for His good. God alone deserves worship and there is nothing that compares to Him.
The Bible in its entirety is the inspired written Word of God and the reliable rule of faith and conduct in the life of every Christian. The written Word has been preserved and passed down through the ages for the continual use and transformation of those who not only read it, but also live it out through God’s transforming power in them. The living Word that became flesh, Jesus Himself, is the center of our attention. As John records in his gospel, Jesus said that we must “abide in Him” because without Him “we can do nothing”. It is only in this relationship with the living and resurrected Jesus through His empowering Spirit within us that we have abundant spiritual life.
Prayer is often thought of as a means of getting things from God, but Jesus defines prayer as having relationship with God through Himself. Prayer, simply put, is right communication with God through the way Jesus opened for us in Himself. The object of prayer is to know God, be transformed by Him, and to ask for His will and purposes to unfold on this earth, like they already do in Heaven.
God designed humanity for relationship with Him and with each other. We value and uphold this intention relying on one another and investing in each other’s lives. According to 1 Corinthians 12, all the people of the church body are necessary and play a vital interdependent role. We worship together, work together and laugh together; being together is something we love doing.
Jesus’ parting words for His disciples were far from ambiguous. He commanded them to “Go” into all the world making disciples and baptizing, and so, our purpose as recipients of that same mission through the repetitive witness of Jesus’ disciples throughout history, is to “Go” also. This means we live out our relationship with Christ in such a way that causes others to question, “why?” because of His Spirit at work in us. This also means that we make the communication of the Gospel among those who haven’t heard it yet a priority, in our relationships, in our community, and in this world. Evangelism is not something we do, it must be part of who we are.
Discipleship is the process of growing up in faith and is something that is to be a natural part of walking with Christ in the community of His church. Multiple times in the scriptures we are encouraged and commanded to grow spiritually. We are to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus”, and the scripture contrasts spiritual milk for those who are young in faith to solid food for the spiritually mature. God has specifically given leadership to the church with the express purpose “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ” and we are given the example of older men and women training up and equipping younger men and women for Godly life. So discipleship for us means walking with one another and growing in Chrsit with one another. Discipleship doesn’t just “happen”, it’s intentional.